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State of the Art Lighting Design

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After breaking in to the horticultural lighting market in 2017, we have overcome many challenges and established a significant network of some of the finest minds and manufacturers in the industry.


Illumenedge’s primary services are providing lighting layouts and outfitting cannabis facilities to maximum efficacy. Through our design expertise and industry partnerships, we can provide a product unparalleled in the industry. In order to ensure our service be the highest quality and exceed customer expectations, we only partner with the most experienced and trusted lighting producers. In addition, it is our goal to always uphold environmental awareness, cost effectiveness, and most importantly customer satisfaction.


Key Services Offered :

  • Calculated Design-builds and lighting layouts through state-of-the-art software and lighting technologies. Our comprehensive lighting proposals are a must for any commercial scale operation, providing absolute certainty and extensive detail. 
  • Complete lighting solutions through of a combination of top-tier horticultural grow lighting options and aesthetic & efficient commercial fixtures. 
  • Visual communication through refined, simplified, and calculated design. We understand each project requires a unique perspective and we take time & pride in every project. 
  • We bring it to your door. From our industry connections, we offer the most productive and beneficial lighting product for your organization or operation.
  • We ensure our customer service goes above and beyond. Our dedication to our designs, products, most importantly to our business, is unparalleled in the industry. We do our best to answer any question, lighting or otherwise.
  • NEW Existing Site Lighting Audits is a valuable complimentary service we now provide. We come to your facility or site and take real-world lighting calculations. Whether planning & understanding your Daily Light Integral (DLI) or finding the active Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) at your canopy, a PAR lighting audit is critical information to producers.

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Selection & Options

Through our versatile line card, we offer a wide of range of functional lighting for any projects needs. Our specialization in horticultural lighting design is often coupled with our complete facility lighting solution, including corridors, offices, and additional work areas.


Unparalleled photometric analysis ensures uniformity and proper concentration of PAR light. Utilizing our global partners and their laboratories, and testing facilities, Illumenedge is able to provide a superior product above our competitors. Our #1 goal is to help you create your ideal space.


Complete optimization of space is our goal. Through our history in the industry, we’ve amassed a significant variety of systems, solutions, and methodologies of illuminating cultivation spaces.

Cannabis Specialists

We have extensive experience in the Cannabis industry which merges with our team’s lifelong dedication to the lighting industry. Through this, we provide you the absolute best horticultural lighting solution.

Your Vision, Our Effort

Capable of any project from detailed proposals to commercial applications, our versatile line card will ensure a comprehensive solution. Our experience in the lighting industry is extensive, ranging through all areas of lighting solutions.

Energy Savings

Our products range from traditional light sources to cutting edge LED technologies. In our wide array of eco-friendly and energy saving products, we are dedicated to ensuring your project stays energy efficient & cost effective.

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